Windows 7: Audio / Video Playback Issue Solution

Are you experiencing what seems like thrashing or pauses / breaks in audio or video playback? Audio pausing for a second and then resuming somewhat randomly? @L422Y may have the solution. I run quite a bit of new technology on my computer, so I have strange applications and drivers installed, and even strange IP routing configuration and a hosts file that helps me when developing websites. I’m what most would call a “power user” Not too long ago I started experiencing audio issues with both my on-board and external Native Instruments audio2dj. The fact that it occurred when using either meant it was either software or hardware related and not specific to the audio output. First I reset the BIOS, changed the HPET, and set the USB 3.0 transport to xHCI. This seemed to help a bit, but I still had some issues. I loaded up dpclat.exe and sure enough, I was getting large spikes every few seconds. I did some additional searching and found that there was an issue with the BIOS version I was running on my GIGABYTE GA-X58A-UD3R. Using @BIOS, I updated to the “latest” BIOS version from the USA server (which seems to have gotten much […]

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