We'll keep your systems performant and costs optimized – so you can focus on making that cold hard cash.
    • Amazon Web Services (AWS)

      Shared hosting is all the rage with sites like GoDaddy and HostGator, but the thing about shared hosting is that it’s shared. OK, that’s obvious, but what does it mean? It means that your website is reliant on the performance and traffic of other sites and the code they run on, which can be bad news. Instead, we can help set you up with a private AWS EC2 for about the same price. It’s got the benefits of being a part of Amazon's Web Service offerings, as well as being private, secure and performant.
    • Performance Analysis & Optimization

      There’s no excuse for a slow website. That’s an immediate click to back button. The good news is that no matter what platform you’re on, there are ways to fix performance issues, whatever they may be. And we know the tools for the job. We have years of experience with this stuff so we’ve quite literally seen it all. Don’t believe us? Test it out.
    • Cost Analysis & Optimization

      It can be hard to determine exactly what you should be paying for your website. We’ve seen companies paying anywhere from $500 to $2000 or more per month for a single website that should be closer to $50 or $150. That’s no good, but it’s also hard to know for sure that you’re getting a raw deal. We can get under the curtain and see what you’re paying for and if it makes sense. And if you’re still locked into a crappy plan you set up years ago, now’s the time to fix that and start seeing major savings roll your way.
    • Monitoring & Maintenance

      Stop losing sleep wondering if your website is still up and running. Or even worse, waking up in the middle of the night to actually check it yourself. Things are going to happen when it comes to the wild wild west of the internet, so you need someone who’s got your back. Luckily, we’re probably up anyways so we can take care of that for you with a solid monitoring protocol that alerts us when something’s up.