Your job is to get shit done, ours is to make sure you can.
The HERETIC team helps small to medium sized businesses optimize, consolidate and maintain their on-premise and cloud based systems, as well has provide cost and performance analysis and adjusted implementation. From fixing a slow WordPress site or slow website load times, to reconfiguring and optimizing your internal wireless network, we’ve got your back.
    • Cloud & On-Premise Phone Systems

      Does a cloud phone system still make sense? For businesses with a small handful of employees, cloud phone systems are great because they are easy to set up, manage and use. However, as your business grows, you’re likely to outgrow the benefits of cloud systems, and costs will begin to snowball. Either way, we’ll help you figure out what works best for your business.
    • Google GSuite Administration

      Google’s business offerings can be a great resource. But of course, you have to understand how they work first. That’s where we come in. From automatically applied HTML signatures for new users to a synced contact list or random signature links and semi-automated on-boarding, we can help you decide which Google tricks will help your business run more smoothly.
    • Remote & on-site Support

      Computer issues are a serious roadblock to getting to the stuff you need to get done. Don’t waste time trying to troubleshoot yourself or waiting for your 20 year old nephew to come check it out for you. We can help you out. And we’re operating system agnostic too, even flux capacitors and puppy wrangling (sorry, we don’t currently offer cat wrangling services). We can work remotely or come to you, whichever works best.
    • Networking, I.T. & Systems Upkeep

      A finely-tuned network is a thing of beauty. At least, we think so. In fact, this is the kind of stuff we do for fun. We’ll keep your network working at its best so you won’t even notice it (which is the whole point).